Metropolis rock'n'roll band

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Metropolis is a classic rock'n'roll three piece band that started in 1994 in a garage in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They are named after a legenday Motorhead song and start to create their own version of rock'n'roll.

By the end of the nineties they recorded four albums released on two CDs. Their first release is ROKENROL BEND in 1997 and contains selection of 22 tracks from firts three albums. Two years later PAZI SE followed. During early years they are regulars in Slovenian undergroud rock clubs.

For yet unknown reason they start their "farewell tour" from 2000 to 2015 and play once a year their so called traditional last gig. In 2015 Zrni leaves the country acros the great pond and new guitarist Čule joins the bend.

In 2016 they reactivate with more than one gig per year and in 2019 DITROJT LIVE album is released on their YouTube channel. Mostly Motorhead songs and some old originals.

In the beginning of 2020 they start creating new studio album, which is delayed until October 2022 because of some virus. It is titled METROPOLIS.

Matjaž Hočevar - Hotschko (bass, vocal)
Anže Breskvar - BMD (drums)
Griša Šoba - Zrni (guitar - until 2015)
Marko Čulajević - Čule (guitar - since 2015)